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Funky Hostel was established by Dean from Australia & Liva of Latvia to provide secure relaxing and enjoyable funky digs for sensible travellers.

We also have a beach hostel in Liepaja, Latvia. Liepaja is the best city for travellers to visit if you want to experience the beach and coastal regions of Latvia.

We established the first hostel in Riga for backpackers. Our Beach Hostel is also the first hostel in Liepaja. We have opened these hostels at huge risk to support the backpackers visiting Latvia.

In Australia Dean travelled on his motorbike with his cattle dog stting on the petrol-tank. Slept under trees in the bush so he did not get the pleasure to experience hostels in Australia.

We also established the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia to attract resources to improve Latvia.

When you tell your friends where you stayed it is much better to talk about a funky hostel in Riga than a soviet styled hostel.



Funky Hostel

25 Krisjana Barona Street.
Riga, Latvia

Ph: +371 2910 5939